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Ltd offers special facilitating services for companies which have recruited foreign employees and need to acquire the following:

1: Work Visa (six months & one year period), Status Change from Tourist Visa to Work Visa

2: Work Permit

3: Residency Permit

4: Visa for the Family of Foreign Employees

5: Tax Paper Works Filling with finance ministry to get clearance & acquiring Exit Permit for

     Foreign Personnel, Tax Consultation

6: Tourist Visa for Foreign Guests Regular/Urgent within One working Day

7: Extension of Visa, No need for Foreign Personnel Presence, and Delivery of Passport at One place

8: Foreign Companies Registration in Iran within a minimal time period

*As our references among of more than 20 companies, which are using our services, based on yearly contract, following names could be an example:

  • Nokia (nsn)            
  • Iran. SANDEN. Industries
  • JIT                                                           
  • Samsung. Gulf. Electronics
  • Unilever                                  
  • LG. Electronics. Inc


Email: tritabastanco@gmail.com


TritaBastan  Co. Ltd.